T Minus 774 Days Untl IPv4 Exhaustion

According to Geoff Huston’s IPv4 Address Report there are approximately 774 days until there are no more IPv4 addresses for the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) to assign. This means that the last 5 remaining /8’s will have been assigned to the RIRs (such as ARIN). Of course this is just a projection and the actual date could come sooner if there is a rush on the last remaining addresses out there.

So, if your company was unable to get any more IPv4 address after December 08…​where would you be?

It’s time to start asking your vendors if they support IPv6, and if they don’t then ask when it will be supported. Most vendors are currently citing no demand and thus they aren’t pushing development. It’s time to start demanding IPv6 support in all your hardware and software…​vote with your checkbook. It’s time.

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Cody Lerum - October 07, 2008
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