Expanding the Scope of the Blog

For the folks following this blog (both of you) it’s probably become readily apparent that:

  1. IPv6 is a pipe dream, or

  2. After all of the initial testing and configuration, it turns out the demand just isn’t there yet, or

  3. We’re pretty lazy (or busy — take your pick)

In reality, it’s a bit of each. While we know IPv6 isn’t really a pipe dream, and that IPv6 traffic increases every day, the portion of our workdays involving IPv6 equals exactly 0.00%. If we want slightly more involvement, we could always work at Google; according to their IPv6 statistics, IPv6-enabled Google users account for 0.68% of their workload at the time of this writing…​

While we’re certain there will eventually be more IPv6 content, we felt it would be handy to have a repository for the rest of the sweet nuggets of info we dig up or develop in the course of our jobs. Hence, knowledgebombs.net. Enjoy!

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Ken Mix - July 31, 2012
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