IPv6 Nameserver Glue

Looks like we will be moving our domain registrations to another provider shortly. We are currently with Dotster for cost and ease of administration (mostly cost), but when I inquired about adding IPv6 glue for our nameserver records they were without clue. After repeated requests I finally got through to a tech who proclaimed that nobody is using IPv6 and they have no demand.

SIXXS.net confirms this. Looks like Network Solutions might be getting a little more business.

Now if only a few thousand other people moved their registrations for this reason we might pop up on the radar.

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Cody Lerum - November 30, 2008

Windows Vista DHCPv6 Issues

While working through an internal deployment at the company where I work something pecurlier started to happen when we lit up an IPv6 DHCP service.

What happened was the DHCP client on Vista had trouble parsing the DNS Suffix Search List which was sent by the DHCP server. The DNS suffix of corp.company.com was sent but the OS showed

DNS Suffix Search List:

So, instead of searching on corp.company.com it tried each of them in succession — first com, then company, then corp.

I sent an email to Sean Siler who is the Microsoft IPv6 program manager (IPv6 Blog) and he has confirmed that this is a known bug which will be fixed in SP2…​possibly sooner.

I have confirmed this is fixed in the latest SP2 Beta (10/29/08)

Cody Lerum - October 10, 2008
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